High Bias #2

NAME: Philip Gayle

Home: NYC

BIO: guitarist who improvises

WEBSITE: http://www.myspace.com/philipgaylemusic

Do you read reviews of your work?


Do you reread them? Save them? Quote them?

I never quote them, unless in conversation and it was something funny, clever, memorable, whether negative or positive. I never reread them. I save all of them.

Have reviews ever had an effect upon the way you approach your work? For better or worse? How?


Are there writers you hope will (or won't) write about your work?

Not really, just want the writer to be someone who writes about this kind of music, as opposed to someone who never does, regardless if the review is negative or positive.

Have you ever written to a reviewer or publication in response to a negative review of your work? a positive one?

No, but if the reviewer admits to not having any understanding or liking of this kind of music, then it doesn't make sense for that person to be assigned to review it.

Are there reviewers who you consider to be your friends? Do they write about your work? How does that make you feel?

I know a couple of reviewers, but don't know any others personally. Flattered i guess.

Have you ever been told by a writer that they feel too close to you personally to write about your work? What was your reaction?

Not really,  but i would understand. Certainly there could be a conflict of interest. I believe it is best not to have a friendship PRIOR to being reviewed, but one reviewer has since become somewhat of a friend. We ended up interviewing each other, and it went on for 4 hours.

Have you ever felt that a writer was trying to get something out of you, or get back at you, or had some other ulterior motive in what they wrote about you? Please explain.


Have you ever published anything you wrote about someone else's music? How often? Do you continue to write about music?

I have just written liner notes before, never reviewed anything, and i don't believe i am qualified to do so, since i am just a sound maker. I probably couldn't tell you "what" it is that makes me like most of the music i do....i am not that articulate, and honestly couldn't make much sense about it. I wouldn't be able to tell you much about my own music as well.

Do you think there was a time in the past when music journalism was better or worse than it is now? Why or why not?

I suppose it is better now, because there is more information, more people exposed to music, more variety of music, hence more variety of opinions.

Anything you'd like to add?


Anything you want to ask me?

How Ya Dooowen?

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