Ecstasy Mule was pleased, Nay! Flattered! to be asked by Jamison Williams to contribute a track to his "Social Studies" podcast, and proudly offered him the heretofore unheard song "Square Cooper" played on saz, bouzouki and some Indian zither thing that looks like a typewriter. I forget what it's called. Anyway, the 'cast is streaming at here. And of course, dig around. There's lots of other things to hear there.


Dictaphonia Vol. 2: Free Download

Microcassette comp with a track by yours truly, made by putting my microcassette recorder in my grandfather's saxophone and playing as quietly as I could while the news played on the radio.

Here's stalwart microcassette compiler Hal McGee's words to direct you, should you want direction:

Go to this page on my web site to listen in streaming audio and download individual mp3s of the tracks on the Dictaphonia Microcassette Compilation,​Volume 2:

I offer two versions of the mp3s, one at 320 kbps for high speed Internet connections, and one at 64 kbps for dial-up and slower connections.

Dictaphonia 2 is still available for purchase in its original microcassette format.

recordings by
Dave Wright, Richard Orlando, Mark McGee, Sonic Disorder, Douglas Burkett, Jamison Williams, Zebra Mu, Ian Watson, Crap Last Tape, Kurt Gottschalk, Julie Schubert, Dada Action Group, Andrew Coltrane, The Raytownian(s), Belltonesuicide​,​ blanco estira nuestro (+) hermana Hélice, Fried Marlenstahl, NXP, Rez Epo, Hanson Ono, Death Factory, Douglas Ferguson, Melissa Lovely & Justin Waters Here And Thereian Duo, Pony Payroll

Dictaphonia Volume 3 will be released on July 20th. Recordings by
Neonworm, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Karl J. Paloucek, Justin Robert, Carl Holmes, Ooy, Fludd, JLIAT, Bisexual Swinger, Alan George Ledergerber, Stirner, auvikogue, mortuus auris & the black hand, Johnny Brewton, Master/Slave Relationship, Big Sugar Victorious, EGG, Vultures, Ecoute La Merde, Lindsey Leepe, Retarded Children, Raw Mummy, William Wesley & The Tiny Sockets.
He's still accepting submissions, but they have to be submitted on microcassette. Anything good on your old answering machine?



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