Words Have Three Meanings

A woman and ensure that all that glitters is gold and she bought the stairway to heaven.

When she finds she can know if all the shops closed with a word she can get what I came to

Www, www, www, www, www
And she bought the stairway to heaven

A sign on the wall but she wants to be sure as you know sometimes words two meanings

In the tree at the brook laurel is a songbird all our thoughts are sometimes misgiven.

Www, it makes me wonder

The feeling when I look back and my spirit is crying to quit.

In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees and the voices who stands search.

Www, it makes me wonder.

Www do, really surprised me.

And he said early if we really want to hit all then the piper will lead us to reason.

A new day will dawn those who stand long and the forests echo with laughter.

Oh, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, www, Whoa, from

If it is used in your hedgerow do not be alarmed now it but spring clean for the Queen of May.

Yes, there are two ways you can go back but in the long term there is enough time to change the way you are.

And it surprises me.

Aw, uh, from is one, and it will not go in case you do not know the Piper is calling you to join.

Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow? Did you know showing your stairs whispering on the wind?

And as the wind on down the road our shadows higher than our soul walking is a woman we all know who calls a white light and wants to show how to turn everything to gold yet and if you listen very hard the truth will eventually come to you when everyone and the same in all to avoid the rock, and introducing.

And she bought stairs to heaven.

Translated from English to Welch to Irish and back to English using Google’s translation engine.


Words Have Two Meanings

In, at or to that place of position be present one woman what or which person is confident any whatever that bright, shimmering, reflected light is pay dirt, and she’s obtaining in exchange for payment a set of steps and its surrounding walls or structure to heaven. At what time as she succeeds in moving into a specified position she is aware, despite the possibility that all retail outlets may have ceased to be in operation or accessible to the public, either permanently or at the end of a working day or other such period of time, that accompanied by a single, distinct, meaningful element of speech or writing, she will be able to come to have or hold that which she traveled to this place to obtain.

It stirs curiosity in me.

There’s a notice affixed to the facade yet she desires certainty because you know sometimes words have two meanings. In the growth near the march is a perching bird with the muscles of the syrinx attached to the bronchial semirings, it is perhaps the case that the bird relays a message suggesting that the whole of our ideas and opinions may contain doubt, apprehension or foreboding.
Oh, it rouses in me unanswered questions.
Whenever it happens that I turn my attention Westerly, I have an awareness of my soul calling out for departure. I’ve had visions of circular bands of carbon suspended in the air beyond the flora and of the utterances of onlookers.
It really makes me think twice.
It’s said softly, without using the vocal cords, that provided we all take the initiative in deciding how something should be done, in short time an itinerant musician will direct us toward sensibility. The onset of a new rotation of the earth on its axis will occur only for people who maintain an upright position supported by their feet for a considerable time, while at the same time the woodlands will be filled by the reverberating sound waves resulting from the spontaneous movements of faces and bodies that are indicative of lively amusement which then reflect from surfaces back to those who are listening.
Oh; the fifteenth letter of the alphabet; a human blood type in the ABO system lacking both the A and B antigens and so known as a potential universal donor; zero in a sequence of numerals, especially when spoken, something bearing the shape of a circle; an exclamation used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, disappointment or joy; the postal abbreviation for the state of Ohio.
If you have a row of wild shrubs and trees bordering a road or field which is full of activity, refrain from undue anxiety: it’s nothing more than a thorough, seasonal cleansing for a young woman chosen to be crowned in a traditional celebration of a festival marking the span between March and May in the northern hemisphere, or between September and November in the southern hemisphere, or else a holiday honoring laborers.
And indeed, there are a pair of trails laid down for walking or made by continual treading but ultimately it’s still possible to alter the course of action one is currently traversing.
I ask, “What’s going on?”
Your cranium is making a low, steady, continuous sound, like that of a bee, on the chance that you’re unaware. The bagpipe player is summoning you to unite with him. Beloved woman, are you able to perceive the sound of a perceptible current of air? And are you aware that the series of raised, flat surfaces you seek lies on that softly rustling gust?
And as you and I take a twisting course, with the dark areas produced by our bodies blocking the sunlight appearing to be of greater height than the spiritual or immaterial parts of us, a woman whose acquaintance we’ve previously made moves past at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn, glowing in the reflection of most wavelengths of visible light, yearning to reveal how all things continue to become the chemical element of atomic number 79. And in the instance that you devote complete attention to the sounds around you, you will at length become aware of a certitude in which all things are united and that unity represents all things: to be a solid, stationary mineral.
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.