Every now and then, I am in need of my collection of links to brilliant takes on the even more brilliant, Jim Steinman-penned song "Total Eclipse of the Heart," made famous by Welsh songbird Bonnie Tyler. It happens often enough (like, oh, maybe once a year?) that I've decided it's best to compile them here. Interested onlookers might be advised to refer first to this radio show, where I make a cursory explanation of my fascination for this song (fast forward to 1:15 if you don't want to hear all the noisy arty crap). 

The most famous (and no doubt best) reworking of the song is the original (and only good ever) literal video. It used to get taken down seemingly faster than it could be posted, but seems to be stable now. (I suggest going full-screen to experience the fullness of its glory and to sidestep Blogger's dimensions not matching up with YouTube's. 

Kiki and Herb do a fairly epic version of it, to the extent that something can be "fairly epic." 

But perhaps even epicker is the Finnish band Hurra Torpedo's take. 

Roadfill is a member of the Filipino lip-sync duo phenomenon Moymoy Palaboy (check out their "Bohemian Rhapsody"). Here he is with his gramma. 

Lest it appear that I'm just in it for the laughs, here's a sincere rendition... 

...and here's an unfunny one: 

But enough of these fakers. Here's the originals, faking the song. I love how bored Jim gets halfway through. 

And for anyone who still needs convincing, here's an instructional video that should help. 

Forever's gonna start tonight. 

©2012 Jock Mooney