(found in an old notebook)

I like clapping
Like Christmas
Like ritual
Like noise
Like everything
Like everyone
Likes Christmas
Likes clapping
Likes ritual
Would it be easier
To start clapping?
To go caroling?
When everyone
Else does?

I like clapping
Like slapping
like monkeys
Like a moment
To misbehave
To make some noise
Wouldn't it be better
To do it all the time?

I like clapping like
Contusions like
Confusion like
Group dynamics
Like dynamite
Like everything might
Happen if I refuse
But nothing does
Just like applause
Like out of step
"Did you forget?"
Like firecrackers
On cue
Did you?

I like laughing
I like yelling
I like falling
I like things
When they
Don't happen
On cue.

ZS from TERROREYES.TV on Vimeo.