Fans Gone Wild

I curated a series of films about extreme fandom that will be showing over Labor Day Weekend at Anthology Film Archives. These are all pretty powerfully great movies, and all will be shown with accompanying shorts (including some of the "Parking Lot" films). There's more info at the Anthology site, but quickly then:

Sept. 3 - Dream Deceivers: Documentary about two boys who attempted suicide (one successfully) after believing they were told to by a Judas Priest record, and the lawsuit against the band that followed.

Sept. 4 - KISS Loves You: Extreme fans of my first favorite band.

Sept. 5 - For the Love of Dolly: Parton fans and the annual pilgrimage to Dollywood. Director Tai Uhlmann will introduce the movie.

Sept. 6 - Almost Elvis: Stiff competition at an Elvis impersonator contest.

I'll be there for some of them. Check 'em out.


200 Guitars Again

This is what 200 guitars looks like.

This Saturday, I'll be .02% of Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail at Lincoln Center Out of Doors.

I am Alto 1, Chair 124, which means I'll be in the southeast quadrant of the artillery.

I will be using a different guitar this time around, just in case it was my Gretsch Gold Sparkle Jet that made it rain last year.