rahrahree! @ X>TRIANGULATION>X

rahrahree!, the sum total of Tamara Yadao, Kurt Gottschalk and their guitars, was as a unit jointly pleased to perform on Tmm Mulligan's Radio Triangulation. The set is right there to be downloaded and listened to, which really would be a totally reasonable thing for you to do. (Peek through the red numerals with your eyes to find it with your ears.)


Holy Hell, I Wrote a Book!

Little Apples is a collection of 16 stories about New York City, about lives that unknowingly intersect, about things that are important and things that aren't. It's available in print and pdf at Lulu (and if you click on one of the options, you can read a 10 page preview).

This lovely image of pixelated apples comes courtesy my uncle, Roger Gottschalk.

There's No Buskiness Like Show Buskiness

A collection of YouTubes I created over at Network Awesome is available for your enjoyification.

Or right here: