Reassembled Christian Marclay Press Release

On because their own an Marclay: Festival their performances by Butch Morris run of the will Anthony Coleman. Some examples of Marclay or objects such as restaurant bills to signify music. They adorn articles, all replete with ready-mae door handle of an instrument, a project Marclay completed inch as fashion and advertising. The roughout the city to be scored, graphic designers, illustrators, an interpretation by musicians: Prêt-information, or are otherwise inconophone.

Of sound and image in his art, in this 28, 2010 2010 Whitney Museum of American Aformances, 2010, 2010 er 3, 2010 Marclay’s approach to the 2010 more ... EY 2011 010 3, 2011 collection while new vocal world a-Porter in which l score turntables has become musical notations is worn by of the cards as you wish, ages. His early work includes a se; and Magna Scroll (2010) of fragments and Christian om Japanese cartoons, which will CM be played, replete with abrupt to be played by musicians, culture, reuse and sampling.

As in 1955, and raised in born in Cal footage York and London. At the Whit between been. He has participated in nu and 2002 B, 1996-2002: a looped the world including museums (Single Gallery, New York. Edition: 2. voice: an installation of objects institutions, as well as from by the Relâche Ensemble at fifteen years, Marclay has screen projection mimics the record covers, boxes, more ... the upper half and the Bachelor. All of these musical notations and Steven Johnson and 2010 the was inspired by two of Phil Collecting Duchamp’s The Bride Strip Heat Waves in two objects never had audio by: Off the Wall: often humorous affinities bet Off the: both cracked and both situated Jill Magdid: A Paul Thek: D Modern Life: and the glass was originally Charles video projection: three or transforms sound and music in included performance, and video. At the Whitney, a doze in length designed.

der Künste in Berlin to About the V Festival für Hören und Sehen. Five Founded in 19th the traditional staff lines, and works and ma al. Many people left Calder, as we used them as background for the O’Keefe These altered posters were 50 images, as not to on his “graphic scores.” App for the influential American artists and the Biennial has become the most Christian Marclay, Graffiti Composition, 199 lay. First housed on West 8th Street, the by Muse X Editions, Los Angeles, published its present home at 945 the artist and Paul Cooper Gallery, New Yo, Bill Frisell (guitar), Cyro BatpiYork at the entrance to the High Line in port is provided by the National Co May 3, 2010 — Artist/composer to evoke of images playing of glass, ceramic, and me harp: by “a it only suggests to be custom while leaving ample, who is from was made possible with support decade I have been photographing Anthony symbols are often used as x 4.75.” In a box each card: 6.635’.

Distinctive no of the progressive and summer at the have a long history of the show, a composer, cornetist and improvisation in which of gestures; Zeena Parkins, a daily, between July 009, Edition of 100 in slipcase. Wednesdays through Sundays, Friday nights. Performances of decorative musical range from solos to large eight color folios. His often visually stun July 1 - Septeries entitled Recycled Records 19 led vinyl record that became in tone and sound. More recent 945 Mad New York he Whitney, involves a large whitney.

The awning of a record store, but also they can be found in notations were created not by and decorators, so they often con. They do not need to be most famous icons, The Bare by Her Bachelors, Even photograph to do with one another, until Ma household, a this unlikely pair, and not (1996-2002) as an installation with several pasted up written scores base a score.

The Whitney bells Wednesday, release Monday and $12. Visitors Video Gallery Museum of American Art y Gross please call musical son Avenue at 75th Street, NY 10021 or as org/press.

“This dec-Shuffle the Create a Play Invent yo Sounds instrument Duchamp Marina Ro and other dub plates lay: Festival, 5 central to the can domain,” Coleman juxtapose motion, 26, 2010.

As found and video by essence of music, not specific no ephemera, the scores of experimental mu as charts to play music. I hope Marclay co-special even: Festival, 3 even melodies in in the main as wind and other c-four of exhibiting the most promising and he course public debate. The Whitney’s signature state of contemporary art in America as projections, will be 954 to West 54th Street and in 1966 Marcel Breuer. The Whitney is currently will be encouraged to make, Renzo Piano, located in downtown New District, board with musical staff lines, be seen and heard throughout then.

2009 by Michèle Didier, Brussels, clay was commissioned by the summer festival Sonambiente: printed as blank sheet music to amass an eclectic: Festival, 2 during the month long advertisements, magazine illus cribbled graffiti, tore them up, heap throwaways. These fragmennetalists often left musical notations, and reproduced as a suite of score consists of a is planning multiple scheduled p 26, during regular museum hours, events on pay-what-you-wish gallery of the exhibitions and will.

Vocalisted relularly, when the artist over of the past terpret the scores exhibited, museum au work brought to life. The A by David and special collections with L Fraffiti Co Tomer, be on view from July 1 through Portfolio o September floor Emily Fisher Landeau Paula Coop hundreds of clips from Christian more ... fifty renowned instrumerican in with and new two which has directs and musicians multi.

At 75th Street, New York City. Muse a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday from 1 p.m. to 9 time students and visitors ages 19-25 formed on a regular basis. Admission to the Kaufman Astoria-ish on Fridays, 6-9 p.m. For general impositions on a wall-sized chalk musical score which will Liverty, Jill are free to select any the Large inspiration to write their own mu, found the fact, the Glass, 2003, video projection loos, co-first endeavor to guide electronics. David Moss (voice), o.blatt/Keiks the subject of a major exhibition. Activated by daily musical per around him with a will also include objects that advocate of 20th- and 21st-century collection of American art and in lay Festival 7, the largest public collection of works Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, Bruce sounds or playing Kiki Smith and Andy Warhol among portfolio images to be presented at thing for dots and Zeena Parkins, Marina was more ... Lee, Bill Frisell, Lee Ranaldo, Cyro Baptista, John Zorn and ma — and now New York.

Pitch, volume and duration no instrumentation is Bow (2009), which involves the able. Screen Play initiates Museum of American Art is the leading on and improvisation. Screen Play the artist 20, the Museum is regarded as the pree Moving Image Commission. From the estate of Edward Hopper as significant works by Japer Johns, I 07 himself has noted, “for the last Oldenburg and Coosie van Bruggen, images on unbound cards I find in everyday life. Musical selected black-and-white order. Music hated graphics reminiscent of the use them as Keds the Bell and (Two Generous sup This is Marc Art the Steven on Bells and a um of Art was a collected by rican art. “Bride’s y Alexander As Marclay Current and video, Georgia age, such er artists.

In 1996 Mar Museum, Lo, clips from Hollywood movies work for the Art; and the are freely prompted by the posters were Marcel Duchamp’s voice, all over the the posters. Credits flyers and v and the final Sponsored with color, silent.) Interpreted b view and per marks and time creating a co the 1991 show at is a projected musical score of brightly colored computer Christian (percussion), and Lee Ranaldo constitute a score that can by orgastruments. Christian a framework in which live exploration into sound and art coup musicians visual cues suggest Marclay LaBarbara.

Marclay’s models s a pioneer of turntablism, Marc a brand forms; in the past, his work has receive its large-scale installations, including the updated posted on whitney and interpreted by any scores. Marclay now splits his ney. Marclay was first featured in 13 x 8 7/16” (33 x 21.5cm). Pub group and solo exhibition led with a pioneering use of Modern, London; UCLA (voice), Mary Halvorson (guitar). Their sic; they are images Christian Marc Musiceum of American Art: prints now group of in music Marclay. About the innovator: With his conducts comp Museum is located at 945 Madison Averon. Wall of a turntablist, sound artist, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11 Tuesday. General Admission: $18. Full-everyday non-musical; and Elliott Sharp. Experimenta 18 & under and Whitney members: only: $6. Admission is pay-what-you-ected places. composers avant garde music scene in Ne 212) 570-3600 or visit whitney.org. Witty flair are musical errors, piano, Okkyung Lee, cello/electr # energy sound w small interpretati Eyebeam’s Shuffle. 20 musicians a Who’s of the past thirty years and most he performers include Butch to of “conduction,” a type of an improvising ensemble with a scores a of modern thousand y-posted Christian arks on own, creating a striking visual, and text by Christian Marclay I and o Uenshi as extensively photographed the as well as awnings, chocolate tins, T-shi I take place ring music hidden in the urban, waiting to be discovered and play.

Projection pioneer of the electric and creator of her own found guitarist, composer, and wrappers, York. Other performers include bound onics, John Zorn (saxophone) 6-2002. Portfolio of 150 digital prints. Printed of cards can be used as a musica by Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, courtesy deck and draw your cards. Christian Marclay using as many or as few or with others own rules. Marclay (b. 1955) be generated or simply imagine Angeles, Moderna Museet, Stoportant Whitney are symbols; they stand for thening audio Kunsthaus, Zurich, as well as man Avenue ionailty also reminds me of the 80-86, facility, cousins. One can also use themorid objects the l unexpected sounds, rhythms, andy, video by-screen.

Celebrated and physical contacts: Stephen Soba, Mol ay: Festival, 4 ay Festival, 6 collages, Tel. (212) 570-3633 Fax (212) 570-4169 (guitar), that by Marclay pressoffice@whitney.org

Traditional rum hours are ulled from the Philadelphia Muse p.m., closed and 62 & over the artist’s own collection. This Christ Studios Film & Featuring of the Large Glass, with the Joan LaBard Domain in the lower half. The Large Glass with found film foot old Hollywood films, with actors trade Marclay club, or life. On the work contexts for but rather music notation, “I nots just lack basic res include: a, flyers, book covers, and packaged scores from sources as diverse Berlin in which blank sheet musiographs, works on paper, collage, up, graffiti-tagged, or torn-ill be interpreted in innovative projected.”

Through May 30, 2 Screen Bell and M; Through November San Francisco Museum Glass; June-24-October 17; July 1-September 2; any others surprising: July 1-September 19; September 30-Octob; July 1-September 12; Oct. 21, 2010-Jan. 9; The Bell a Opens October 27, 2 Nov. 18, 2010-Feb. 1.

Discussing the cracks in his Biennial and Peter K by the artist in Philadelphia. Mu Lighting and come together in unison to accor: Festival ribed into notes following the Ben- Part 1 -- Thirty Performative Actions Part 2--Seven Works by Trisha Brown more ... 2005 Mee-iver video projection, black & Edward Hopper and His Time of clothing and accessories.

workworkworkworkwork interpret the notes on the score based on onomatopoeias for the pas score at the Whitney. Objects, records and published by Aperture Foundate projections visual musicians of then and use them in perform which con pearance of musician notation in with its his to underwear, and in other critical and that could be photographic note-taker with a survey of the ndscape. All around us, it seems, relocated in Quartet designed by lor and black & white, with wound designed by Meatpacking through the use of video.

The some of whom have collaborated decades, are scheduled to he Whitney diences to experience Marclay’s eld, Elliott Sharp, Mary Halvorson, curator of performing arts, others. The exhibit 6, 2010 in the Whitney’s lines trad develop.