August Showers, September Flowers

Yeah, the Rhys Chatham thing? Didn't happen. Rain didn't go away, we'll play again some other day. But I'm curating one of the WFMU nights at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn next month. Sweet. I asked some people to play and they said OK. And I'll be visibly playing records between sets.

The Brother Lucy Show with Kurt Gottschalk Presents
A Neil Peart Birthday Celebration

Friday, Sept. 12, 8 pm, $10

With Brown Wing Overdrive and David Watson / Sean Meehan

Brown Wing Overdrive is Chuck Bettis (electronics + vocals), Mikey IQ Jones (electronics + jaw harps + percussion + objects + vocals) and Derek Morton (electronics + banjo). They cite as influences pollution, angry shamans, burning circuitry, lonely poltergeists, sandpaper, dental work, alarm clocks, hallucinogenic banjo claw hammer, trash trucks, beat box'in, synthy modular meltdown and chaotic analog. Their CD ESP Organism will be released in October on Tzadik.

Sean Meehan and David Watson Drum/Bagpipe duo

Sean Meehan has been active in improvised music in New York since the late 80s. He plays a single snare drum, sometimes augmented with cymbals or other objects, in a manner that sheds conventional usage and reconstructs the conception and function of the instrument. His concerts around the world are often staged in unobserved and unconsidered outdoor locations. He has recorded solo and with Sachiko M, Ellen Fullman, Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura and others. His artistic output also includes the construction of "performance objects" that serve as "compositional things," such as "gift iii'" which musically activated a sink full of dishes, and a boxed set of four sculpted cassettes to be played in the mind.

Guitarist and bagpiper David Watson hails from New Zealand, where he was a member of Primitive Arts Group and co-founded Braille Records. He released three LPs on Braille, and did much to create an improv/noise-music scene where previously there was none. In 1987 he moved to New York and has performed in clubs, new music and concert venues throughout New York, Europe, Australia, NZ and Japan. He has worked with Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Zeena Parkins, Kato Hideki, Cecil Taylor, Andrea Parkins and others, and has curated music series at Roulette, Experimental Intermedia, St. Marks Church, Greenwich House, Bang-on-a-Can, PS 1, and PS 122. In 2007, he released Fingering an Idea (XI), a two-disc set for multiple guitars and bagpipes, and Throats (Ecstatic Peace) with Shelley Hirsch and Makagami Koichi.

Check the whole schedule there.


Electric Chaircut Monday Night!

I'll be doing an Electric Chaircut duet with the most awesome Nelson this Monday around 11 at Rehab. You should come.


Rehab used to be Club Midway at 25 Ave. B. In fact, they haven't even changed the URL!