A Week for Cage

Sept  2, 6 pm
Meeting of Capitalists, Inc. 
Hosted by rahrahree!

Meeting of Capitalists Inc. to Mark the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of John Milton Cage, Jr., Hosted by rahrahree! (Kurt Gottschalk and Tamara Yadao): With "Lecture on Nothing" and "Theatre Piece"; please bring 100 records to break during the session.
Downtown Music Gallery,  13 Monroe St., Manhattan
Admission: 100 pieces of recorded media which you will destroy during the session. (Reduced admission rates available.)

Sept 5, 12 pm
Read a Text by John Cage Aloud at Noon Wherever You Are

Sept 6, 8 pm
Ecstasy Mule vs John Cage vs Ecstasy Mule

Ecstasy Mule vs. John Cage vs. Ecstasy Mule is a game of luck in which there will be a winner. It is an aleatoric piece as opposed to an indeterminate one, using elements of the Cage compositions Indeterminacy, Music Walk, Water Walk, 4'33", Variation #1, Imaginary Landscape #5 and Radio Music, as well as some other chance determined sound sourcings. It was created in response to a request by Miguel Fransconi for a chamber-music-from-another-planet take on Cage, like watching two friends (in this instance Kurt Gottschalk and Len Siegfried) in their living room playing music they can't help but play.
The Stone, Ave. C and E. 2nd St., Manhattan
Admission $10

Sept 7, 3-6 pm
Miniature Minotaurs on WFMU
Something will happen