What I Podcasted This Summer by Kurt Gottschalk

I started my summer project today. A podcast through WFMU, The Brother Lucy Podshow, which will feature a full live concert every week. I'm trying to track down (and get permission for!) some downtown type sets from the 80s or so, but I'm also going to be sending out some newer things like ...

Like The Fiery Furnaces. Totally rock. I saw them at (le) Poisson Rouge a couple weeks ago, and have had the songs off the new record pounding through my head all week. Like for seriously. Like, I've been waking up with "Charmaine Champagne" pounding through my head.

Future shows will include full sets by The Pavones, Pramrod Sexena, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and more surprises. So follow this clicky and sign up. Why not? It's free.

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