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This review of Purple Rain comes courtesy my WFMU brother Tony C. He says he didn't write it, though.

This album from Prince was very popular during the mid 1980's. Which sold out concerts time in and time out. during that time Shiela E. would open up for him. During my first marriage, she loved Prince. She had all of his albums. Even the movie Purple Rain she owned.

However, Prince voice sounded terrible. It was to high and squeaking as though in pain and agony. His lyrics and story concerning Purple Rain is completely "Lame". I was forced to go to this concert, with my ex-wife, and I literately fell asleep it was so boring. And the concert shirt that she own looked demon possessed. The only positive note that he can play guitar, but it does not replace the other negatives that I indicated in this paragraph.

As so I do not recommend this album to anyone.

It got the rating that it deserves..... .5 but really deserves a -1000.

Thank you so very much!!

Frank Dud

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