Some sentences for "Sentences"

Zinn's yogic axioms were victorious until these Sentences, riddling querulously, piqued our nosiness, 'My Lord! Kurt's jazz insensibilities have gazumped famous discontinuists Cage, Braxton & Ayler.

- John Bissett, guitarist, videographer, finder of art in small places

Kurt Gottschalk has been to Pompeii three times: in  1994, 2000 and 2001.

-Masterful wordmaster Alessandro Bosseti

Kurt Gottschalk's new book Sentences is an addictive treasure where the reader bounces from clever bites of wisdom to Woody-Allen-meets-Dada one-liners to gentle observations that make a person stop, digest, and get excited for the next page.

-Lisa Ferber of the infectious laugh, screenwriter, The Sisters Plotz

Quirky, humorous, occasionally whimsical and often thought provoking, [Sentences] is both a quick and slow page turner simultaneously, meant in a good way.

- Len37, Ecstasy Mule, unassailably affable

Sentences by Kurt Gottschalk is like the horizon it is everything there is in one line. All the joy, all the couriousity, all the pain, it is written in both techicolor and black in white at the same time

- William Parker, bassist, composer, perma-twinkle in eye

Aphorisms, spoonerisms, single sentence novels, an encyclopedia of the ineffable - great stuff (and very educational).

- Marc Ribot, ace guitar provocateur

Kurt Gottschalk plunges bravely into that shape-shifting beast known as the sentence, and he emerges with this beautiful book that provides just as many questions as answers, and takes the reader on an intelligent journey through a joyful mix of words that all come to the same inevitable end: the period.

-Florence Wetzel, author, inspiration from afar

David wasn't sure whether the sentences were meant to be served consecutively or concurrently but secretly hoped it was the latter.

- David Wilson, Wilson & Alroy's Record Reviews, brother in arms

Sentences and my previous book, Little Apples, are both available at Lulu.

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