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Sept  2, 1 a.m. 
Sept 12, 1 a.m.

Sept 15, 12 p.m.
Talk Radio for John Cage
free103point9 and the John Cage Trust present 120 Hours for John Cage in conjunction with a staggering array of events celebrating the John Cage Centennial in 2012.  Featured works will be broadcast on free103point9's FM radio station WGXC 90.7-FM in upstate New York (wgxc.org), and streamed online throughout a month-long program September 2012. Among the projects selected from an open call, which originate from twelve countries, is The WFMU Hoof'n'Mouth Tabernacle Choir featuring 7 WFMU DJs (Bronwyn C., Dave Mandl, Mary Wing, Meghan McKee, Rich Hazelton, Scott Williams and Tamar and engineered by Scott K and Mike Koch} performing Kurt Gottschalk'sTalk Radio for John Cage. For more information visit free103point9.org
For even more info, look here

I also played in John McDonough's Landscape Under Construction, which will be broadcast Sept. 1 at 8 pm, Sept. 6 at 3 a.m. and Sept. 22 at 1 a.m.
Full Schedule here.

Lovely Cage graphic by Emma Ball

Sept 2, 6 p.m.Meeting of Capitalists, Inc. 
Hosted by rahrahree!
Meeting of Capitalists Inc. to Mark the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of John Milton Cage, Jr., Hosted by rahrahree! (Kurt Gottschalk and Tamara Yadao): With "Lecture on Nothing" and "Theatre Piece"; please bring 100 records to break during the session.
Downtown Music Gallery
13 Monroe St., NYC
Admission: 100 pieces of recorded media which you will destroy during the session.
(Reduced admission rates available.)

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Sept 5, 12 p.m.

Read a Text by John Cage Aloud at Noon Wherever You Are
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Sept 6, 8 p.m.

Ecstasy Mule vs John Cage vs Ecstasy Mule
CAGE100, curated by Miguel Frasconi
Ecstasy Mule vs. John Cage vs. Ecstasy Mule is a game of luck in which there will be a winner. It is an aleatoric piece as opposed to an indeterminate one, using elements of the Cage compositions Indeterminacy, Music Walk, Water Walk, 4'33", Variation #1, Imaginary Landscape #5 and Radio Music, as well as some other chance determined sound sourcings. It was created in response to a request by Miguel Frasconi for a chamber-music-from-another-planet take on Cage, like watching two friends (in this instance Kurt Gottschalk and Len Siegfried) in their living room playing music they can't help but play.
The Stone, E. 2nd St. and Ave. C, Manhattan
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Sept 7, 3-6 p.m.
Members of the International Contemporary Ensemble on Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
Guitarist Dan Lippel and percussionist Nathan Davis of the International Contemporary Ensemble will stop by to discuss the important and fascinating relationship between Pierre Boulez and John Cage, two very different composers with great respect for each other, and to perform pieces by each in anticipation of ICE's Sept. 20 Boulez / Cage concert at Miller Theater on the campus of Columbia University. Over the 11 years of its existence, ICE has become one of the most exciting new music groups around. The ensemble has premiered over 500 compositions in venues ranging from New York’s Lincoln Center and Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art to galleries, bars, clubs, and schools around the world. 

Sept 14th, 3-6 p.m.
Composer/Conductor Petr Kotik and Composer Bunita Marcus on Minitature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk
Petr Kotik first met John Cage when he was living in Czechoslovakia more than five decades ago. He worked with the famed composer/philosopher extensively after moving to America in 1969, premiered some of Cage’s works and organized a concert at Carnegie Hall for Cage's 80th birthday. Sadly the honoree died just months before the event. Kotik is now restaging that birthday concert as a part of his "Beyond Cage" festival.Marcus, born in Madison, Wisconsin, was a recognized pianist and bass clarinetist when she began composing at the age of thirteen. She has worked in both electronic and instrumental mediums and received a Ph.D. in Composition from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 1981. Marcus met Morton Feldman in 1976, beginning a long association that lasted until his death in 1987. Feldman and Marcus composed side by side, sharing musical thoughts and ideas. In 1985 Feldman dedicated his new piano composition For Bunita MarcusThey will stop by to discuss the much beloved and misunderstood Cage, his longtime associate Feldman, and to play some of his favorite Cage (and beyond) recordings. 

and then,
Dec 2
Ecstasy Mule vs John Cage vs Ecstasy Mule
RIPRIG at Clave
4305 Locust Street

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