Minotaurs Need Love Too

Dear Friends - 

WFMU - the station where I do my weekly show Miniature Minotaurs - has had to face the fact that our annual Spring marathon doesn't support us through the year. It's been a tough issue because pretty much nobody from Station Manager Ken Freedman on down wants to do two on-air fundraisers a year. The decision was made last year to do a "silent fundraiser" in the fall, and we're doing it again this year. 

If you're not a regular listener to my show, let me take a moment to tell you what's been going on: 

Last week, I did a show of all streaming song - tracks musicians have uploaded to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, netlabels and other online outlets, without the assistance of or dependence upon record labels.
Yesterday my brilliant friend Ariella Stok joined me for a broadcast from the year 2022, with all tracks (besides a little Mingus and Xenakis) made exclusively by a host of talents for the broadcast. 
And on October 26, I'll have a live broadcast with the amazing ensemble So Percussion. Then, the following week, I'll be spinning all 7"s live on the air from the WFMU Record Fair. (I'll also have a table there Sunday, so stop by and say hi!). 

And if you are a regular listener - if you learned about a band at the feet of whom you now wish to sleep, or for that matter if you experienced a moment of thrill hearing your own music played on the air - please think about what it would be like without WFMU. I know that's a hackneyed fundraising plea - "imagine a world without ..." - but really. Our fall goals are modest; Large donations would be met with great glee of course, but small donations are welcome and perhaps more helpful than you'd guess. 

$15 will get you a happy cartoon dog bumper sticker or a bar of WFMU Miracle Soap; 

$50 will get you that plus our new t-shirt; 

$75 gets you those plus one of my past CD premiums (or any other DJ's) including last year's Radio Silence with another round of tracks made especially for the show; 

and $100 will get you all of those plus our new "War on Christmas" CD plus mega mp3 download bonus. I've been working on pulling together some great tracks for that, as have many of my freeform comrades. 

All the details can be found at the "31 Days of October" fundraising page. Pledge now through my playlist page and show your support for Miniature Minotaurs and WFMU. 


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