This one site, called Bandcamp?

OK, so posting that eventually I'll get around to making a Bandcamp page made me go ahead and make one for Batterrie Records, the nearly make-believe banner under which my and Ecstasy Mule's self-releases have been, well, self-released. Already up there for free streaming and cheap download are two of the three X-Mule records - Ecstasy Mule Sings Songs of Love and Redemption and Ecstasy Mule Contemplates Hunting + Drinking When the Rainbow is Enuf - as well as two new songs (we would have loved to do a proper 7"), "Square Cooper" b/w "Hothead."

And really, Bandcamp seems to be a pretty nice environment. At least so far, but I've only been there a couple days now. But it all seems to work pretty well. And they give you all these embeds, including this little badge here that'll take you to our page:

And I think I mentioned it before, but the newest X-Mule track is up over at SoundCloud.

So give a listen!

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