I'd like to introduce you to my new book.

It is with only a little undue excitement (and perhaps more than a little overdue excitement) that I announce the publication of my second book. Sentences is what it sounds like: a book of sentences. My publisher (that'd pretty much be me) described it as: 

Poetry disguised as declaration. Haiku that hasn't been housebroken. Unkempt koans. Ideas with germs. Fortune cookies for the fasting. Around 100 carefully crafted sentences. Not packaged for individual servings.

The book is available on Lulu where you can also preview the first 10 pages or so (select the book and then click "preview" under the image of the book cover) and where you can additionally find a copy of my novelesque Little Apples: A Story Cycle

That was a fairly long and haphazardly constructed sentence. For Sentences my goals were set higher. I promise. Incidentally, I've really understood the difference between the word "parentheses" and the word "parens." I just looked it up and "parens" is colloquial. Isn't that cute? It's like they have a nickname. 

I made this one a paper edition only because I feel that the nature of this project demands the printed page. But if enough people say they want a digital version (like, I guess, anyone), I'll oblige. I was pleased that the paper edition of Apples outsold the digital one 2:1, but that's still 1:2 that wanted it paperless. 

Anyway, if you decide you want my book I hope you enjoy it. 

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