Closet Cleaning Sale

Some stuff I've worked on that's piling up on the shelves. Deals and trades considered. Paypal preferred. Satisfaction guaranteed.


White Fungus #12: 156 page journal from Taiwan (printed in English) with my profile of David First. Also includes interviews with Carolee Schneemann and Pauline Oliveros, comics, art and a CD with tracks by If Bwana, David Watson & Sean Meehan and Our Love Will Destroy the World. $9

Signal to Noise #62: 82-page magazine with my cover story on the ICP Orchestra, also pieces on Liturgy, Time-Lag, Andrew Ford, Erdem Halvacioglu and Nick Hennies. $4

Signal to Noise #61: 74-page magazine with my cover story on Mostly Other People Do the Killing, plus features on Thollem McDonas, Rahim Al Haj, Jason Robinson, John Berndt and Tim Foster. $4.

Burning Ambulance #3: 104-page journal (solid! no ads) with my cover story on Anthony Braxton. Plus features on David Weiss, Jon Irabagon, the Moritz von Oswald Trio, Hollywood in the 1960s, composing for orchestra and progressive metal. Only one copy left in my closet. $7. 

Little Apples: A Story Cycle (Spearmint Lit) by Kurt Gottschalk: 17 short stories which might also be a novel, also includes original artwork by Gill Arno, Ben Owen, MP Landis, Cooper-Moore, Peter Evans, Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo and others. 180-page paperback, $12.

Sentences (SpearmintLit) by Kurt Gottschalk
A nice square book filled with lovingly crafted and unconnected sentences. 100-page paperback, $12.


Joëlle Léandre & Jérôme Bourdellon: Evidence (Relative Pitch) Beautiful flute and bass (plus some vocals and bass clarinet) duets. I wrote the liners. Sealed CD $10. 

Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille: I Wish I Didn't Dream (Northern Spy)
Man, I'm proud of this one. While working on a forthcoming book of MP Landis's paintings, I started wanting a soundtrack and my first choice was Loren Connors and Suzanne Langille. Northern Spy readily agreed and we were soon underway! Comes with a booklet of Landis's paintings. I produced and wrote liners. Sealed CD, $10.

Haunted House: Blue Ghost Blues (Northern Spy) Man, this kills! New album by the great quartet of Loren Connors, Andrew Burnes, Suzanne Langille and Neel Murgai. Thunderous avant blues. I produced and wrote liner notes. Sealed CD, $10; Sealed LP, $12

The Spanish Donkey: XYX (Northern Spy) Blasting session by Joe Morris, Mike Pride and Jamie Saft. I wrote the liners. Sealed CD, $10

VA: Clandestine Cassette #2 (Northern Spy) Compilation I produced of tape-manipulation artists. Exclusive tracks by Aki Onda, Nonhorse, Bonnie Jones and Jason Lescalleet. Cover design by MP Landis. Two copies left, out of print. Cassette, $5

Yuganaut: Sharks (Engine) Inventive out jazz by Stephen Rush, Tom Abbs and Geoff Mann. I wrote liner notes. Sealed CD, $8

VA: Dictaphonia #2 (HalTapes) 24-track compilation of pieces recorded on mini-cassette, includes my piece “Difficult Fortnight” performed on alto saxophone and radio. Mini-cassette, $5

VA: Dictaphonia #7 (HalTapes) 13-track compilation of mini-cassette works, includes my “Magnibanjoscope” recorded with dictaphone placed inside a banjo, plus a found recording by Stephanie Stone on piano and voice. Mini-cassette, $5.

Kurt Gottschalk: 24b Abstract blues recorded at home, solo electric guitar. CDR $5

Kurt Gottschalk: Bluefly Variations Abstract blues recorded on a riverbank in Vermont, solo acoustic guitar. CDR $5

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