A Christmas Story

I've been working on a collection of holiday-themed stories which I hope to have done sometime in 2013. It's a fun challenge. Holidays are so loaded with emotions and iconography that there's a lot to work with and even more to avoid! 

I've decided I'll make some of them available through the coming year at seasonally appropriate moments, the first one being "Amore," my Christmas story. Some of you may have seen this last year when it was posted at Red Lemonade, but now it's up at Lulu as a PDF with a monotone cover for a mere $2. 

Some of the holiday stories I've written so far are a bit racy, even vulgar! Some are actually kinda sweet and sentimental. This one I like a lot. It's kinda sad, I guess, but I like it. Maybe you would, too. 

If you're so inclined, you can find it here.

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