Report to Hair Shoulders

As we approach the end of the fourth quarter of FY2011, we thought it might be best to relucidate some of the recent staff accomplishments accomplished by our staff. This report is in no way meant to replace or circumvene upon the official annual report, which indeed is unlikely to be written.

After the rousting success of our first volume of fictional stories (as opposed to the journalistic works staff have long produced which might also be seen as fictive) (that being Little Apples: A Story Cycle, of course) (the referrant there being not the journalistic but the priorily mentioned fictional works), we were pleased to see not one but three more fictional writings appear during the fourth quarter, with a fourth completed by our Czech office and submitted to a journal of some repute, details of which will follow if and as they develop. A new, experimental eBook is also expected to occur in the first quarter of the coming year.

The works made public during the current quarter were “Vampyre Storie,” “Six Hundred Words” and “Amore.” “Vampyre Storie” was written for a Halloween radio broadcast the name of which is “The Thunk Tank” on partner media outlet WFMU radio and was subsequently published on our inhouse weblog Spearmint Music. A different tact was taken with “Six Hundred Words,” (the work of our Finland branch) which was distributed as an eBook even though it is quite short by means of our longtime working partnership with the publishing house Lulu for the mere price of $1.25. Staff was able to meanwhile procure facilities for the making freely available of “Amore” through the woodshed worksite Red Lemonade.

While all of these outreach efforts were considered a success, administrators are considering withdrawing at least some of the projects from public presumption with the new year to make room for future works or perhaps one of those wicker beds with a fitted cushion for a mama cat and all of her adorable newborn kittens.

The issue of off duty staff using staff bathrooms has been raised several times, however we have been unable to work out a resolution which meets with the approval of all concerned parties. The issue of staff having parties in the staff bathrooms is also still under deliberation.

In less optimismal news, we have been discouraged to see a downturn in music journalism, which we chalk down to the fact that no one likes music anymore. A midyear effort to launch a blog covering music coverage was quickly stalled, but plans are underway to relaunch this enterprise with the coming year.

The target for performing music live in performance was reached in 2011 and no more need be said on that count.

We’ve also been heightened by the launching of a new newsstand of sorts the goal of which being to turn barter items procured by publishing outlets into materials with which rent might be paid. While it is currently only a list of available items posted on the SM, Inc., blog, there are no plans to elaborate it into more of a “presence.”

We would also like to take this moment to give momentary thanks where surely hourly thanks are due to the many patrons and onlookers who have had kind words to say about our words during the 2011 year. We have every expectation of writing more words with the coming 2012.

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