i was backstage hanging with tessa when the slits opened for sonic youth at mccarren pool a couple years ago. the slits had finished their set and sy were playing. ari had been watching and then came bounding into the room screaming "tessa, you've got to come see this. this band has a GIRL BASSIST!"

even from what little i knew her, i could see that her world and her art and herself were truly all one thing, which was what made her so vital. 

here's something i wrote on the tour prior to that sy gig.

thanks, ari. you were as true a spirit as punk had. 



Urania Mylonas said...

Thanks for this, Kurt. Ari was a true legend--on stage since she was just a kid. Can't believe she's gone.

Steve Barton said...

Kurt: Do you know what the two-letter code is for your show's archives at WFMU.org? Could you share it with me?!

Thanks and all the best, your listener,
-- Steve Barton
Dunwoody, Ga