In Turn

When the ocean catches fire
I bet the rich people will hog all the rockets.
When the ocean catches fire and the clouds all turn to ice
and the wind blows brownish gray and grass is declared an endangered species,
turn around. Guess what?
Door’s locked from the outside.

When there’s no more water, only blood and urine,
and yesterday’s water bottles are all that’s left to fix the roof,
and when today’s newspaper is printed on old cardboard,
and when the internet is patrolled for threats to national security,
turn around. Who’s gonna fill your cup?
Turn around. Who’s gonna bandage your foot?
Turn around to see the back of someone else’s head
looking at the back of someone else’s head,
all turned around and looking.

The saints marched in a long time ago,
and the rich people took all the rockets.


Jason Crane said...

Hi Kurt,

I really like this. Great language and very striking word and image choices. Thanks for sharing it.

All the best,


林建隆 said...
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