Another Dictophonia

I did another track for Hal McGee's microcassette series. He's up to volume 9! Mine was way back on #7, I just forgot to type about it here. It's called "magnibanjoscope." I made it by opening the resonator of my tenor banjo and putting the recorder inside it, then thwacking it and stuff.

But more excitingly, when i was trying to find a minicassette (are they mini or micro? or both?), I found an old answering machine tape with Stephanie Stone singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Apparently answering machines record at a different speed, somewhere between the two speeds on a dictaphone, so she sounds all slow and spookyish. It's on there as well (as is the supercool THF Drenching!). Thanks Stephanie for letting us use it, and Hal for putting all these together.

Info is like this:

DICTAPHONIA Microcassette Compilation
Volume 7

13 artists, 58 minutes of sound recordings made on microcassette, released on microcassette

this is a homemade product! featuring simple homestyle packaging
with a black and white photocopy insert with artwork on one side
and a list of the artists and their piece titles on the other
packaged inside a plastic ziplock sandwich bag

$6.00 postage paid USA and Canada
$7.00 Air Mail postage paid everywhere else
PayPal to haltapes1 @ aol.com


01) Fiver's Stereo
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Blurriness, Wavy Lines

02) Jin Sangtae
Seoul, Korea

03) Hal McGee
Gainesville, Florida, USA

04) Tracey Wat
Brighton, England
Untitled #1

05) Bovine Hustler
Kingsport, Tennessee, USA
Cock Lottery

06) Stompboxer
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Get Out


07) T.H.F. Drenching
Stockport, England
A New Shape In Cardiff

08) Hurricane Of Bones
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

09) Zsolt Sorés aka Ahad
Budapest, Hungary
Ahad's Masters Garden V.: Holy Ghosts in the Machine - In memoriam Erno Kiraly

10) Stephanie Stone
New York, New York, USA
Happy Birthday

11) Kurt Gottschalk
New York, New York, USA

12) Andrew Coltrane
Redford, Michigan, USA

13) black beast of arrrghhh
Saint Petersburg, Florida, USA
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