YLWTR & trains

Sunday, January 10

Two sets of video motion and audio stillness with the duos of Kurt Gottschalk / Philip Gayle and Bryan Eubanks / Gil Arnò 
(8 pm) $5, $10 minimum
at Monkeytown
58 N 3rd St
(btw. Kent & Wythe)
Williamsburg, Bklyn

In YLWTR, Kurt Gottschalk and Philip Gayle explore bright and quiet currents with acoustic strings, percussion, waterphone and accidental video. Bryan Eubanks will coax circuitry to audible life in accompaniment to Gill Arnò's projections involving media decay and amnesia. Subjective relations between memory and place will be questioned.

Kurt Gottschalk - http://spearmintmusic.blogspot.com/
Philip Gayle - http://www.myspace.com/philipgaylemusic
Gil Arnò - http://www.m-i-c-r-o.net/mpld/
Bryan Eubanks - www.rasbliutto.net/bryaneubanks

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How did the performance go?