Writing About Architecture is Like Dancing Without Music

But first. It's funny. You know? Are writers supposed to self- promote? These things confuse me.

I'm a better writer than I am a musician. I know that. But I almost never send out emails saying "Hey, I have an article published." And I never ever would have thought to start a blog about my writing. Writing about writing is like writing about writing.

In other words, I all the time get emails from people saying "come to my gig." I never see any saying "buy this magazine." So, yeah, that's the way self-pr goes, I guess.

But Bora Yoon, for example, she's supercool. She does amazing, beautiful music, and I know she looks at this because she left a comment before. I wrote a piece about her for The Wire. So there. Go buy The Wire.

Here's two favorite musician profile things I ever wrote:

Mr. Taylor's Filibuster

In Memoriam: Derek Bailey

So there, now everything's integrated. On with the show.

On June 2 I'll be playing with Philip Gayle at the Yippie Cafe. Also Blaise Siwula and Sten Hostfalt and the killer Sympathy for Lady Vengence. We're first, at 8. 9 Bleeker St.

June 7, I'm organizing with the awesome Marie Evelyn the Tin Can Telewalk in Carroll Gardens as a part of Issue Project Room's Soundwalk day. You should participate.

June 21 Ecstasy Mule is playing at the Ring Garden at Dyckman and Broadway in Inwood as a part of Make Music New York. Stuff all day all over and stuff. We will be scaring horses.

And on July 5, the rockstar dancer Jennifer Mesch and I will perform "Vacant" at Temple M in Harlem. 555 W. 141ST Street (just off Broadway). 6:30 SHARP! Miguel Frasconi and Joshua Convey are also performing, all part of the Outwood at Temple M extravaganza.

Dang. OK. I'm exhausted now.

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