To Read or Fight?

To read or
writing is
are we to
or working
and cajoling
to doing

It is, and so it is,
Mister Reed said:
writing is fighting
if one may be so
bold fight those
words, you
know better
than them.

They do nor
know better tho
intimidate so but
one must let
them know
what's what.

Do not take no
for an answer take
no for drinks out
on the town wine
and dine no and
don't you know
yes will not be
far behind.
(Bitter rivals

Words are small
smaller than you
smaller than your
thumb than even
your thumbprint.

Mister Dumpty said
you can make them
meant what
you mean




Spine Pome

 The Forbes Library in Northampton, MA, issued a challenge to make a poem from book spines. Here's my effort.

Born confused,
staring at the sun.

The origin of Satan
at the wall of the Almighty.
The beautiful room is empty.

Speak, memory:
All men are liars!
City of thieves,
Sad cypress,
the colossus -

The beginning and the end:
Love is a dog from hell.


rahrahree! @ The Narrative Line is a Blind Stitch 3/20

rahrahree! at Trans-Pecos

Lou Redux

Who's Lou to You?

Art rocker? Street sage? Blonde bombshell? Mr. Anderson? Lurid laureate of the lower class? Highbrow three-chord scoundrel? Miniature Minotaurs wants your musical remembrances. Remix, reinterpret, reimagine your favorite Lou Reed or Velvet Underground songs for an April 11 broadcast of Miniature Minotaurs' annual All Covers Show Show on WFMU.

Any format is OK, although I think we can all agree that M4As and MP4s are a pain in the ass. Please don't send video unless you're also sending a stripped audio track in which case why send the video? Straight covers aren't likely to get much notice and your quarterspeed version of "Sister Ray" isn't likely to get airplay. On the other hand, your faithful remake of "Sweet Sister Ray" might. A "Coney Island Baby" clarinet quartet? Why not? A mashup of "Holiday in Cambodia" and "The Day John Kennedy Died"? Give it a shot! "8 Bit Me With a Flower"? Go for it! Commercially released tracks are OK so long as the work is your own, but fresh recordings will probably be prioritized.

Please send tracks or download links to miniature.minotaurs@gmail.com by April 7 with the subject line "LOU REDUX" and please include any info you want me to know (artist name, instrumentation, inspiration, whatever) in the same email. And please don't overpost this - let's keep it in the WFMU family.


Straighter Than Straight

Click through at the YouTube Doubler link for maximum effect. 

YouTube Doubler

Giant Bees in the Trap

Click through at the YouTube Doubler link to get the full visuals.
YouTube Doubler