"You came!" the saxophonist said to me. "It's just a club gig."
"Weren't they once all club gigs?" I imagined saying to him. 
"No, " I imagined him responding. "I used to be in the circus."


Me interviewed on Fun 2 Know

On a recent trip to Philadelphia, WPRB DJ Dan Buskirk invited me to be a guest on his Fun 2 Know podcast. He kindly and generously summed up our chat better than I could so I'll just quote him.

Conversation with writer, music journalist, WFMU DJ and record producer Kurt Gottschalk. Originally out of Illinois, Kurt's earned a masters at the Columbia School of Journalism in 1997. He has written about arts and politics for All About Jazz, Signal to Noise, Time Out-New York, The Village Voice, The Wire and publications in Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and Russia. He has twice been recognized for "best feature writing" by the Connecticut Society of Professional Journalist. He also has hosted the Miniature Minotaur radio show on WFMU. He's also the author of two works of fiction, LITTLE APPLES: A STORY CYCLE and SENTENCES. Kurt's cover story on guitarist Loren Connor is the cover story of the June 2016 issue of the British magazine The Wire.
I became familiar with Kurt in the most modern of ways, a mutual Facebook friend neither of us really know saw our shared interests and recommended that we became Facebook friends. We both have avid interest in jazz music, 20th century rock and pop music and experimental sounds. We met for lunch about a year ago when Kurt was down from New York City for a Philadelphia trip and when we planned to meet up in early summer for a show from the Philadelphia chamber choir The Crossing I took the opportunity to sit Kurt down to record a conversation at the show kitchen table studio. We discuss Kurt's love of avant gardist Anthony Braxton as well as his record collecting roots, getting cheated by the Kiss Army, living in Chicago in the 90s, John Zorn's New York, Kurt's work with guitarist Loren Connors, the late Bernie Worrell and being visited by Prince in his dreams.

You can hear the whole episode here


My first cover story for the Wire and one of my favorite guitarists. This was a pleasure to work on.


January 13, approximately 11:30 pm

We shared our first kiss
in the bitter cold -
she looked girlish, 
suddenly cautious. 
A few strands
of her black hair
blew between our lips
after the first, brief, 
mouths almost meeting 
and the second and third,
with the cab driver waiting.

On the way to the subway 
I listened to Diamond Dogs
because Bowie isn't here anymore.


Czech Pop (in Czech)

My friend Pavel Klus├ík interviewed me for this article on Czech pop of the '60s and I can't read what I said.



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Cough Piece (after Ono)

Clear throat during a concert or recital, to be performed during a leap second.

Composer's statement: Cough Piece (after Ono) continues in the Fluxus philosophy of questioning what constitutes "performance" by using as its medium a gestural act (the clearing of one's throat) usually considered to be prepatory for performance. By placing it in a concert setting, the piece is performed for an audience, albeit one which will likely either ignore or be perturbed by its execution. 

Note: The performance of Cough Piece (after Ono) should not last longer than one second and should only be undertaken at an interval when UTC time is adjusted by one second. A commiserate piece, involving coughing for an hour during a concert when Daylight Savings Time adjustments are made, is also permissible. A third variation, involving coughing for a full day, requires the performer to find and attend (but not organize) a 24-hour concert on February 29 of a leap year.

Performance note: Premiered at the Naumburg Bandshell, Central Park, New York City on January 29, 2015 at 8pm (00:00 UTC) during a performance of John Adams' Shaker Loops by Ensemble LPR. A recording of the performance can be found here

For more information, see the Leap Second Event Facebook page.