Fever Few: An Ill-Advised Tale, Unfit for Children

Part I

1. Look it, we’ve written a book.

2. Look at what we’ve written, children, look!

3. What we’ve done is written one.

4. Two three four five six.

5. What we’ve written would not interest children.

6. (Even infants’ interests lie in the internet.)

7. What we’ve written would not offend parents.

8. (Parents who so rightly indignate.)

9. Look as we’ve written an honest common denominator.

10. (Looks as though we’ve written right into the hands of yer.)

11. Lowers the boom like a bite from a Rottweiler.

12. A friendly one though, else a bite to a bad man.

13. Else you get the wrong idea.

14. This book is either equal to or lesser than.

15. Looks like we’re smitten with razor wire, then!

16. Satie espouses the range of the razor thin.

17. Safe as houses at home on the range top oven, then, aflame with potatoes for frying.

18. At homes for the living, they dying are flying.

19. To carpet fantastic, Arabic adventure.

20. Long before oil and war

21. to a place where life was a mystery, an exclamative, not a question.

22. Able mark to pen clock time.

23. As if traffic were the foot you walk upon. Until then.

Part II

24. Have you not stood at the kitchen sink, the pull of the garbage disposal almost too much to resist?

25. Have you not wondered what are those blades what do they look like how do they work?

26. How can you resist putting your finger, then your hand, down in there just once? Just to feel. Just to learn.

27. The unexamined life is not worth living. The unexamined appliance is not worth having.

28. Pain is obvious. Pain is not an interesting subject. But the nature of the bite. The angle, the articulation. How can you go on not knowing? Paper shredders are obvious, but garbage disposals are sublime.

29. Do not try this at home.

30. Got to someone else’s house.

31. Do you even have a garbage disposal anyway?

32. Garbage in, garbage out. We are previously indisposed. Look, we’ve written a book.

Part III

33. Dangers are inherent. We wouldn’t have you being overly apprehensious or taking measures or going to lengths to avoid them. Going to great pains to avoid the inevitable of meeting glass to the eye, gun to the hair or caution to the wind would only but exercise overdue haste, exonerating (in this instance) excesses of taste. Rather than.

34. A good guide goes by his nose, knows no goes where the ghoul guys grow. Anticipate the won’t you don’t water through to into all too much another mother mother’s crying baby put her to bed said Chief chief Belief beneath all angels lull a distance heated from below. Bespoke bellows stroke pitfalls. Pitfalls then we meet again.

35. Again! Aghast! Bombast of the last poor another under the floor bomb blast at last until another other one’s war. A day came a day came when again happy endings after endings there were nothing more.

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